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Love and Sex under Nazi Occupation

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Director : Isabelle Clarke

Authors : Daniel Costelle, Isabelle Clarke and Camille Levavasseur

With the voice of Anouchka Delon

Produced by CC&C Louis Vaudeville

Lenght : 72 minutes


International distribution : France Télévision Distribution

First broacast on french TV : 11th october 2011 on Histoire channel

Love & Sex under Nazi Occupation questions the burning mystery of intimate heterosexual and homosexual relations in times of war... and shows how being close to death reinforces the yearning for passion, for pleasure, for transgression, for desire as a last burst of freedom, as an ultimate call to life.

Nearly 200,000 children are thought to be born of the union of French women with German soldiers. Women weren't the Germans' only conquests; indeed, occupied Paris swarms with all kinds of homosexuals-from Genet to Cocteau- who pacted with the occupier.

The fate of those women who were shaved at the end of the war for fraternizing with Germans is the punishment of a France that lied down and slept with the enemy.