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APOCALYPSE Never-Ending War (1918-1926)

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Authors : Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle

With the voice of François Arnaud

Produced by CC&C (Louis Vaudeville) and Idéacom International (Josette D. Normandeau)

Lenght : 2x45 and 90 minutes


International distribution : France Télévision Distribution

First broacast on french TV : November 11, 2018


Laurier Documentaires 2018

"The war was over. But it wasn't over. We just didn't know it."  Stefan Zweig

November 11, 1918. The world emerges from the most horrific conflict ever known. While leaders of the victorious countries design a new world order, traumatized societies struggle to find their footing. In the aftermath of war the Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires fall apart, currencies fluctuate wildly, and vast numbers of refugees flee misery. Before long, age-old hatreds, fears, and resentments resurface and drive the world to the brink of a new Apocalypse.