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Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle

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  • Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle are together authors since 1990 of great documentaries for television. Their work is the source of a unique encounter, between a woman with a background of cinematographer, editor, and film director, and of a film director-author, with a passion for History.

    Due to their narrative talent, the cinematographic archives become an incomparable material to recount our past, and therefore understand out present:

    Shared filmography

    Isabelle Clarke

    Isabelle Clarke, in this period, has also written and directed two films in solo:

    Isabelle Clarke has directed many journalistic TV subjects called Thirty Million Friends (French: Trente Millions d'amis) (TF1). She has also been the cinematographer and editor:

    Daniel Costelle

    Before meeting Isabelle Clarke, Daniel Costelle has written and directed:

    Daniel Costelle has also written many books: