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De Gaulle and the Free French in WWII
A film by Daniel Costelle and Isabelle Clarke

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Length : 52'

A CC&C production

First broadcast on the channel Histoire : June 14 2010

In June 1940 nothing was written. The appeal of June 18 by General de Gaulle was a hope but also a start. The start for an essential page of the History of France, written by De Gaulle and his followers, without whom nothing would have existed in the Resistance to the German tyranny and this film wishes to honor their memory.

A portrait of the "Free French Forces" of World War II, raised by the help of archive images and interviews of people who joined the Free French Forces, famous or unknown: like the very loyal Romain Gary, great writer, or André Dewavrin called "colonel Passy" the secret service chief of the Free French Forces, or François Coulet, Pierre Dac and Maurice Druon, and many other great men and women of the French Resistance.

This film is available in the book of DE GAULLE ET LES FRANÇAIS LIBRES by Eric Branca and Max Gallo (Albin Michel).