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In Love with Adolf Hitler
A film by Daniel Costelle and Isabelle Clarke

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Voice: Richard Berry

Length: 70' Color /B&W

A CC&C production associated with TF1

Broadcasted on TF1 : June 12th, 2007

International distribution: TF1 International (English and French version available)

Video and VoD distribution: TF1 Video

Awards : Laurier du document

It was a strange affair, full of love, lust and despair...Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, his mistress from 1932 to their double suicide in Hitler's Berlin bunker, a fateful day of April 1945.

For the first time, this extraordinary film shows Hitler in his private life, as seen through the eyes - and the camera lens - of Eva Braun, who recorded this making-of (in color!) with her own 16mm camera. It is indeed the first attempt to identify and comment the complete Eva Braun footage and thus to give a thorough account of Hitler's intimate life.