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THE DASSAULT SAGA 100 Years of French aviation

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Authors : Daniel Costelle and René-Jean Bouyer

Produced by CC&C - Louis Vaudeville


Lenght : 90 minutes and 52 minutes

International Distribution : Terranoa

First broacast on french TV : RMC Découverte, June 21st 2017

In 1916, while France was bogged down in trench wars, a young engineer named Marcel Bloch was inventing a revolutionary propeller, the Eclair propeller.  It would prove very effective in air combat.  Today, Dassault Aviation, named after the moniker its founder took on after the war, is among the jewels of the worldwide aeronautics industry.

From astonishing growth to unexpected crises, the Dassault group's destiny is closely linked to the history of France and the saga of modern aviation.  As it marks its first century of existence, the company continues to fly in civil and military aviation, still following the path of its founder's visionary spirit, Marcel Dassault.