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An Intimate History
France under Nazi occupation

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Authors : Isabelle Clarke et Daniel Costelle

With the voice of Anouchka Delon and Alain Delon

Produced by CC&C Louis Vaudeville

Lenght : 80 minutes


International distribution : France Télévision Distribution

First broacast on french TV : 25 septembre 2011 on TF1 channel

June 14th 1940. The German Army marches into Paris. France is an occupied country.

Through exclusive amateur footage, personal stories, and popular songs from the time, this fi lm recounts life with the enemy during the occupation, as seen by the French... and the Germans!

Despite the Nazis and the troubled war times, day-to-day life in occupied France went on. People learnt to live with the rationing, the cues, the curfew...

Many try to forget the hard times, mainly thanks to the movies in which big stars provide a little dream and lead a privileged life. These stars don't actually collaborate, butadapt and give the impression of normal life during the war.

After all, is it necessarily shameful to shake the hand of an enemy?