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Day for Night in Paris
Written and directed by Isabelle Clarke

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A documentary series film

Length: 5 x 26'. Color

An Arte/CC&C coproduction

Broadcasted on Arte- September 20th to 24th, 2003

International distribution: Arte and CC&C (German and French version available)

Video and VoD distribution: Arte and CC&C

Isabelle Clarke's follows with her camera the shooting of Claude Lelouch's film Les Parisiens (The Parisians). With an artistic and lighthearted vision of a movie set, Isabelle Clarke takes us into the bonding of the family of a film team, which only lasts for a couple of months. Day for Night in Paris takes us into the family of Cinema which unites famous French actors like Mathilde Seigner, Arielle Dombasle, Ticky Holgado (who died during the filming...) and the crew of the film led by world famous director, Claude Lelouch, who won the Cannes' Festival 'Palme d'Or' in 1966 for Un homme et une Femme (A Man and a Woman).