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The Alto Runway
A film by Daniel Costelle and Isabelle Clarke

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Length: 52' or 3x26'. Color / B&W

A CC&C and France 3 Corse coproduction

Broadcasted on France 3 Corse - May 6th, 2006 And on France 3 - October 2006

International distribution: 10 Francs (English and French version available)

Video and VoD distribution: France 3

Thanks to the unknown rushes of the great American director William Wyler, this film makes us live again an important period of the history of an USAAF P47 squadron in Corsica during the Second World War.

The base of Alto, near Bastia, welcomed in 1944 at the same moment a group of fighter - bombers of U.S Air Force (the 57th Fighter Group) and the famous Lafayette French group of hunters.

Day after day, the young pilots of these two units, flying from the runway of Alto on their P 47 Thunderbolt to attack, and bomb the German troops which, in Italy, had stopped the advance of the Allies at Monte Cassino and participated in the landing of Provence in August, 1944.

Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle have found those pilots and sixty years after, these pilots meet again...