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TOKYO PHOENIX, The Rise of Modern Japan

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Author : Olivier Julien, based on the film by Shinji Iwata


Produced by CC&C - Louis Vaudeville, Arte France, NHK


Lenght : 90 minutes, 2x45 minutes, 55 minutes


International Distribution : Terranoa

First broacast on french TV : Arte France, 2017

In 150 years, twice marked by total destruction – a terrible earthquake in 1923, and incendiary bombings in 1945 - followed by a spectacular rebirth, Tokyo, the feudal city, has become the largest and most futuristic capital in the world in a transformation process fueled by the exceptional resilience of its inhabitants, and nourished by a unique phenomenon of cultural hybridization. Its epic story is brought back to life using exceptional colorized and restored footage.