Who are we?

CC&C is an audiovisual production company of the Mediawan Group. Our expertise in the production of documentaries based on archives is recognized worldwide, notably with the APOCALYPSE series sold in more than 190 countries. Long specialized in historical documentaries, CC&C has been opening up to other genres in recent years: Art&Culture, Geopolitics & Society; feature-length documentaries and digital projects. According to RealScreeen, CC&C is one of the Top 100 international documentary production companies.

Founded in 2001 by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, authors and directors of historical documentaries, and producer Louis Vaudeville, CC&C has joined the Mediawan group, France's leading independent audiovisual group, since 2017.

The founders' motto "it is essential to know History in order to understand the present" has become an editorial pillar of the company. Throughout these years, their goal has been to tell contemporary history in a captivating and unifying way on television. To do this, they have overturned the codes of historical documentary with the series APOCALYPSE by getting closer to those of the cinema: rhythmic films with restored archives, restored in color and sound. A worldwide success with more than 300 million viewers, recognized by the entire French and international profession and hailed by critics.

To orchestrate all these productions, CC&C is surrounded by experienced producers, a team with unique know-how in the production and post-production of archival films, and seasoned documentalists who draw from 300 archive sources around the world.

In addition to the APOCALYPSE collection, CC&C has produced more than 30 films such as Tokyo Phoenix, the Rise of Modern Japan for Arte, Sacrifice for TF1, The Voyages of Matisse, Chasing Light for Arte, and America's Great War, 1917-1918 for France 5 and National Geographic International.


CC&C draws its fame from its great historical programs and series composed essentially of archives. An experienced team of documentalists and producers strives to create the best documentaries.

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