America's Great War, 1917-1918

April 3, 2017 - History


1917. In Europe, the First World War has been raging for three long years. During this last year of conflict, the USA enter the war, sending a substantial contingent to fight alongside the exhausted French and English troops.

These two million American soldiers, nicknamed the Sammies (sent by Uncle Sam), do not really know why they are there, nor for how long. Nonetheless, they will prove to be the undisputed artisans of Allied victory. At the same time, they will hoist their country to the rank of world's leading military and economic power...

2017. Each year in France, bodies, objects and graves continue to be discovered in the battlefields of the Great War.  For many months, violent combat on fields tilled by artillery fire killed men, sometimes hiding away their remains forever. When these remains do surface, archeologists face the same questions each time: who were these soldiers? What fate brought them here, under enemy fire?

These traces revealed in the ground, combined with poignant archive footage from the 1910's, provide an emotional account of this violent tale and of the emergence of a nation.


Production :


Broadcasters :

France 5, Toute l'Histoire, TV5 Québec Canada, National Geographic, RTBF

Format :

52 minutes

Distribution :

ZED Distribution

Directors :

Stéphane Bégoin, Thomas Marlier

Authors :

Stéphane Bégoin, Thomas Marlier

Commentary : Philippe Dormoy