December 18, 2014 - Apocalypse


This fiction of a new genre mixes graphic novel art with animation, and with documentary archives, to immerse the user in the heart of the Great War. Apocalypse 10 Lives  tells the stories of ten heroes over four harrowing years. Ten fictive individuals who live through the war, crossing one another's paths and those of real people, some anonymous, others renowned. They experience the conflict on all fronts: in the countryside, in cities, and out at sea, in factories, and in the back rooms of royalty, industrialists and politicians. 

Emilien, a French farmer, is ironically asphyxiated in the trenches by the gas his own brother manufactures for the French war effort. Vera, a secretary at the British Admiralty, secretly collaborates with pacifists. Ismaël, a Senegalese fusilier, discovers the industrial revolution in Europe, and talks about colonialism with Louise, a young Native girl who left her quiet Quebec homeland to become a nurse on the front. On the Franco-Belgian border, Margot's adolescent world is altered by occupying soldiers from both sides, who deplete the region of its food and resources. Each character experiences the depth of the conflict from his or her own point of view, and, shaped by history, also becomes an unwitting accomplice to the story of the Great War.


Production :

CC&C, Idéacom International, France Télévisions Nouvelles écritures, Film Factory

Format :

website, iPadOS application

Developper :

LVL Studio

Concept Design :

Leeroy Vanilla

Original Score :

Malvina Meinier

Authors :

Vincent Borel, Pascale Ysebaert


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