Goering, Master of War

April 5, 2020 - History


What kind of warlord was Goering? An Iron Man as he liked to be called? Did he, the one whom Hitler had named Reichsmarschall, the sole superior of all the Reich's soldiers, really want the world explosion? Goering, Master of War is the portrait of one of the most emblematic personalities of the Third Reich, full of contradictions, excessive in his enjoyment and ambition, and with an extraordinary destiny. For if his ascent was dizzying to the point of becoming Hitler's richest dolphin, Goering, supreme commander of the air force, a paradoxical warlord, who multiplied the attempts for peace behind the scenes, will commit irreparable errors in battles that will change the course of history and precipitate its final fall.


Production :

CC&C, AB Productions, with the support of the CNC

Broadcasters :

Toute l'Histoire, RMC Découverte

Format :

54 minutes, 16:9, HD

Distribution :

Mediawan Rights

Original Score :

Alexandre Barberon, Sylvain Legeai

Director :

Camille Levavasseur

Author :

Camille Levavasseur