Mission COVID

November 19, 2020 - Society


The COVID crisis triggered a real war against the virus. Civilian or military, medical, paramedical or logistical personnel all joined forces to try to deal with it. At the Hôpital d'Instructions des Armées in Percy, in the south of Paris, this real tour de force is both human and technical.

On every floor, the staff was confronted with this crisis situation requiring cohesion, adaptation, commitment, immediate decisions, unprecedented actions... with a common objective: to unite to save lives. What has this crisis changed in their profession?

Equipped with a genuine research laboratory, Percy's teams are also taking up the scientific challenge of finding alternatives to a vaccine. A new research protocol to use the plasma of patients cured of COVID and to help patients in serious danger is being developed.

From resuscitation teams to medical, paramedical, logistics or stewardship teams, this army of good will must carry out two missions at the same time: to care for war wounded but also for patients suffering from COVID.


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Broadcaster :

Planète+ Aventure & Expérience, Planète+ Canada

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50 minutes, 16:9 HD, stereo, Dolby 5.1

Director :

Fabien Lemaire

Author :

Fabien Lemaire