Royals at War

January 3, 2021 - History


In the face of rising perils, European monarchies, all united to each other by family ties, are terrorised by the communist threat. Fascism and Nazism seem to be the solution. Voluntarily or involuntarily, the European royal houses find themselves at the centre of Hitler's political chessboard.

After long procrastination, when the Second World War broke out, these royal houses finally had to make a crucial decision for their country: to resist or to collaborate?


Production :

CC&C, Les Films de mémoire, Création et mémoire

Broadcaster :

RTBF, Toute l'Histoire, Explore (Apple Tv)

Format :

2 x 52 minutes

Distribution :

Mediawan Rights

Narration :

Charlotte Rampling

Director :

Maud Guillaumin

Author :

Maud Guillaumin