Russia, China, Iran - The Axis of Revenge

May 28, 2024 - Society


Russia, China and Iran: three former empires are determined to take their revenge and reassert their power after centuries of humiliation. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, they have never been so aligned on the international stage. Their common goal: to put an end to Western hegemony, restore their zone of influence and propose a new model of society. To achieve this, they are waging a hybrid war against the democracies: military, technological, economic, informational and ideological.

Are they on the verge of joining forces to create a new world order?

Production :

CC&C Mediawan - ARTE G.E.I.E

Broadcaster :

Arte, LCP, Radio Canada

Producer :

Diane Imbault-Huart

Director :

Sophie Lepault

Authors :

Sophie Lepault and Julian Blum