The Obvious, AI art pioneers

November 22, 2023 - Society


The Obvious, a trio of young French artists, caused an earthquake when the prestigious Christie's auction house sold their work, generated by artificial intelligence, for 432,500 dollars. It was a controversial world first, but one that allowed them to get their foot in the door. As self-taught artists, Hugo, Pierre and Gauthier do not fit the mould of contemporary art. They work in the face of institutions that are reluctant to recognise their revolutionary methods of collaborating with machines. With no artistic training, no networks and no patrons, the three friends fought to make a place for themselves in an elitist world that didn't want them. These bold pioneers of AI and NFT will go through the window to achieve their dreams.

Production :

CC&, Agence Iota Productions

Broadcaster :

Canal+ Docs

Producers :

Diane Imbault-Huart, Agnès Dumas Perpitch

Director :

Thibaut Sève

Authors :

Thibaut Sève, Roxana Azimi


"This work of art [Edmond de Belamy] produced using AI will go down in History". - Thibault Sève in La Lettre de l'Audiovisuel n°7880 (November 20th 2023)