Paris occupé : l'infiltration nazie on France 3 on November 9

November 9, 2020

During the four years of the Nazi Occupation, Paris was infiltrated by SS spies. All circles, whether artistic, cultural or diplomatic, were a target, a stake in the nascent collaboration and political intelligence.

It is through the journey of a Nazi spy, a SS, Roland Nosek, who arrived in the early days of June 1940 and left in 1944, that the director Isabelle Gendre tells the story of Paris under the Nazi occupation. He is the symbol of a well-established strategy by the Nazis: the instrumentalization of the Parisian elite: Roland Nosek is the symbol of the mundane occupation.

Very few films were made about to the occupiers. Who were they? How did they prepare to occupy Paris? Why was Paris then treated differently from other European capitals? What did they leave as a legacy in our Parisian habits and customs?

Paris occupé : l'infiltration nazie will be broadcast at 11.05 PM on November 9 in La France en vrai on France 3 Paris Île-de-France.

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