Royals at War on November 20 on the RTBF

November 13, 2020

Faced with the increasing perils of the inter-war period, European monarchies, all united by family ties, were terrorised by the communist threat. Fascism and Nazism seemed to be the solution. Voluntarily or involuntarily, the European royal houses find themselves at the centre of Hitler's political chessboard.

With the voices of Virginie Efira and Charlotte Rampling, director Maud Guillaumin tells the story of these royal houses who were led to take a crucial decision for their country: to resist or to collaborate.

Royal at War will be broadcast in two episodes on November 20 at 8.50 PM on the front page of RTBF. For France, a broadcast is planned in January on Toute l'Histoire and the documentary is continuing its international marketing with the help of Mediawan Rights.

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